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Annual Professional Engineers? Day

Friday, January 30, 2015

The President-Elect Reception will be held Jan. 29 at the Clarion Resort Pinewood Park in the Founders Day Room starting at 5:30 p.m.

North Bay Chapter

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Vision for

the New Year

By Thomas Chong, M.Sc., P.Eng., FEC, PMP PEO President-elect


the new year brings with it a new vision for Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) as we begin implementing our 2015-2017 Strategic Plan. Our ambitious plan, which was approved by PEO Council at its November 2014 meeting, will be used to determine the priorities for association programs and initiatives, and provide guidance for council, committees, task forces and staff over the next three years. To enhance PEO?s fiscal accountability, the annual budget will be aligned annually to the priorities of the organization. PEO continues to champion strategic collaboration with our valued partners to strengthen stakeholder management. New vision and mission statements were solicited and refined as part of the plan development process. Our vision is to be the trusted leader in professional self-regulation. Our mission is to advance the practice of engineering to protect the public interest. As we approach 100 years of regulating the engineering profession in Ontario, we must continue to evolve and be prepared to overcome the challenges we face. Our strategic plan is a roadmap for how we will meet these challenges and implement the required changes. Among the plan?s strategic objectives are: ? that members regard PEO as their trusted advisor and advocate in matters of professional practice; ? that regulations, standards and guidelines are produced through an evidence-based, integrated and streamlined policy-making process; ? to optimize the complaints process, balancing transparency, fairness and timeliness; ? to ensure that the practice and title-provisions of the Professional Engineers Act are judiciously enforced and continuously improved; ? to engage key regulatory ministries and industry in engineering public policy development; ? to increase public respect for the role of PEO; ? that PEO?s governance approach is robust, transparent and trusted; ? that PEO chapters are engaged in the regulatory mandate of the association; ? that equity and diversity values and principles are integrated into the general policy and business operations; and ? that PEO is recognized as an employer of choice. A priority objective in the plan is ensuring that recommendations from the Elliot Lake Commission of Inquiry are expeditiously implemented. This includes establishing a system of continuing professional education with a strong focus on the competence of PEO licence holders. PEO council had previously established a task force to come to grips with this task, the 11-member Continuing Professional Development, Competency and Quality Assurance Task Force. As a reality check for the task force?s work, a review network of 54 engineers at various career stages in various employment sectors, including consulting services, in-house employment, manufacturing, academe, government employment, sole practitioners and retirees, has also been created. The task force will make its recommendations for the development of a program to council by December 2015. PEO is also investigating opportunities to enhance employment opportunities for engineers, as well as to improve the licensure process for international engineering graduates, through a review of our academic and experience requirements. Indeed, these are busy times for the regulator of the engineering profession in Ontario. I invite you to stay apprised of our work at www.peo.on.ca.

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